End of the veg bag 'Green soup'

Of course you can make this equally well with the veg' at the beginning of the week.

Amounts and ingredients are very elastic according to what you've got but we do recommend a generous portion of potatoes and enough greenery to make it look like a swamp...........

It should be thick enough to stay on the spoon without any effort (or attention from folks reading at the same time - not that we would condone such behaviour!)
1st sautee a good quantity of onions or garlic or leeks or all three,

Then throw in some roughly chunked potatoes plus any sort roots or squash or courgettes etc. and allow to soften for 10 mins or so

(this is a great way of getting things such as celeriac, courgette or swede down reluctant eaters)

meanwhile steam greens of any sort such as kale  or spinach ,(and nettles when in season)

Add some good stock, ( 'Marigold vegetable boullion' is very tasty) to the pan of roots, and carry on simmering.

When greens are steamed chuck them and their steaming water into pan.

When everything seems soft, about  40 minutes total cooking time, blend it all well with a wand or in food processor.

Add grated cheese or whatever else you like to put on top.

This is a meal in a bowl and only needs some bread or oatcakes to fill you up.

We used to feed this to our boys as 'baby food' they have grown up quite a lot since then  but it is still a favourite easy supper. 

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