Volunteering and Visits

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

We can also arrange visits by schools and other interested groups.

Ruth does occasional 'Organic Vegetable Growing' talks for local (within 8 miles) Gardening Clubs.

We welcome volunteers who are prepared to help with whatever the days task is, no previous experience is necessary just a willingness to learn and an ability to reach the ground! 

Tea is nearly always to hand and snacks are provided at appropriate times. feel free to bring cake.......... 

We try to make it a fun and friendly environment, and being cheerful when its raining is an invaluable asset. Though we will find 'things to do in the polytunnel' if its looking too grim....... 

Often, after a trial (by weeding!) many folks can't resist coming regularly for a few hours or even a whole day as and when they are able. 

We are also willing to accomodate longer term volunteers (often from overseas - WWoofers) - especially during summer. 

Call or email for info.