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These are the vegetables we normally grow throughout the season : -

Artichokes - Aubergines - Broad, Runner and French Beans - Beetroot - Brussels Sprouts Broccoli - Cabbages – Calabrese - Cauliflowers - Carrots - Celeriac - Chillies - Courgettes - Cucumbers Fennel - Garlic – Kale - Leeks - Potatoes - Onions - Parsnips - Peas - Radishes - Sweet Peppers - Shallots Spinach and Leaf Beet - Swede - Sweetcorn - Squashes - Tomatoes

Salad bags: Contain a wide variety of lettuce types, oriental leaves, rocket, chicories, purslane and other salad leaves.

Herbs: Basil - Parsley - Chives - Coriander - Marjoram - Tarragon

Prices; £15 for a large bag, £12 for a medium one

The larger the bag the more variety you get.

Your bag will always contain a Salad Bag unless you request otherwise. 

Eggs - we now have chicken eggs available to be delivered with your bag priced at £1.50 per 1/2 dozen.

Our birds are fed on organic layers pellets, surplus Fresh and Green veg, and are regularly moved around the veg garden to help with weed and pest control.

Pick up points:

Various Locations in:

· Ottery St Mary from 3.30 pm on Thursday 

· Tipton St John from 3.30pm on Thursday

· West Hill from 5pm on Thursday

· Sidmouth Marketplace on Friday morning.

   Our Barn at Southerton where we grow the veg

To order a trial bag, call the number below. Please let us know the size of bag you would like, your choice of pick up point, and if there are any vegetables you would not wish to receive.

07870 375345
or email      freshandgreenvegetables@gmail.com
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