We are now living permanently at the Fresh and Green growing site at Hoppins Field, Southerton.   Hooray!

New Phone number 01395 568677
Our Planning Application

 to view the application,
click on the link below

Click on the tabs and follow instructions to view pages/documents.

You can download a copy of our application document by clicking the link below (.pdf file).   As well as being easier to read than the one on the council website, it has the photos in colour

The application can  be read if you're  interested to find out a bit more about us and the business.

Update on our Planning Application--
We eventually had to take our case to Appeal with the Planning Inspectorate,
And in short We Won -
Many Many Thanks to all our supporters who wrote  letters and generally kept us going in a myriad of ways.
Now we can grow even more and better veg and keep Fresh and Green going onwards and upwards.


Open Day 7th of July 2014

Thank you to all who came, especially to all the cake bakers and to our cake competition judges - Beatrix and Imogen and Cynthia.

Money raised for our chosen charity Practical Action came to a hefty £165