Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in my bag each week?

We will supply you with a bag of seasonal vegetables the exact make up will depend on what is ready to harvest each week. We nearly always  include one of our famous salad bags.

Which size bag should I order?

Everybody uses different amounts of vegetables when they cook, but,we think that the smaller bag should be sufficient for one to three people and the larger for a bigger household.

Where can I pick up my vegetables?

These are our pick-up-points:
  • Various Locations in Ottery St Mary from 3.30pm on Thursday
  •  Tipton St John from 3.30pm on Thursday
  • Elsdon Lane in West Hill from 5pm on Thursday
  • Our Site in Southerton from 3.30pm on Thursday
  • Sidmouth Marketplace and Manstone Avenue, Sidmouth from 9.30am on Friday
We can arrange the most suitable pick-up-point for you when you order.

Do I have to have a bag each week?

No, we can also supply fortnightly.

What about when I go on Holiday or don't need a bag for a while.

Simply let us know by the Tuesday of the week you need to change something.

How do I pay?
On the pick up day or by bank transfer - we can arrange your preferred method when you order.